Soldier Still -

a poetic perspective of the impact of violence on human beings

Dr. Tom Clonan, lecturer for the MA in Public Relations and MA in  Public Affairs and Political Communication, added to his already impressive achievements outside academia making his stage debut in 'Soldier Still', a  new dance theatre work touring nationally that blends movement, text, music, real stories and real people to bring to life a haunting tale of beauty and brutality.

The creative process behind the play involved interviews with fourteen former and current soldiers from the Irish Defence Force, British Special Forces and the Bosnian war and two civilans (Irish and Bosnian). 

A retired captain in the Irish Defence Forces, with extensive overseas peace-keeping experience, Dr Clonan  was an inspired casting decision by Junk Ensemble founders Megan and Jessica Kennedy.  Their challenging and provocative work examines how easily a de-commissioned soldier could fit back into society and one’s previous life, and looks at how soldiers and civilians experienced violence, how it has impacted their lives - and what traces remain.

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