After finishing his secondary education in Donabate Portrane Community College, Cian went on to study Game Design in Pulse College. After completing this he studied Game Development in DIT, where he came across the MAPR course and decided to sit in on a class taught by Dr. John Gallagher. Cian went on to quickly change direction with his third level education and enroll in the MAPR course. With his passion for design complimented by a love of event management, Cian cannot wait to put his skills into action.

Cian Larkan

Dissertation Topic and Overview: 

'An Analytical Comparison of Corporate Personas Within the Gaming Industry, the Reputation These Personas Provide, and the Effects They Have on a Company.' 
An in-depth look into how gaming companies present themselves while interacting with their communities, the different personas that different companies have, and how their fans think and view those companies based on how they present themselves.



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