Sahar Hussein

Dissertation Topic and Overview:  

The Success of the “Yes” Campaign in the Abortion Referendum in Ireland 2018

The aim of the study is to understand the trans-formative role that political campaigns can have in a society influencing the public debate. The discussion in this matter is about women’s reproductive rights and how the discourse of the pro-choice campaign has developed a new way to approach to women sexual and reproductive rights as part of the human rights and has changed the culture around it in Ireland and many other countries.

Sahar is a Political Scientist from Chile and is doing her masters in Ireland. She also has a Diploma in Image, Politics & Media Culture.

She worked as Programme Director in a NGO related to civic education, and also worked as a strategic adviser in an electoral campaign for a city council candidate in her home country. 

She moved to Ireland in 2017, firstly to improve her English and then decided to do her masters here. During this time she has been working remotely on the research about women politicians in the mass media and gender democracy. She has also worked in different jobs in Ireland involving sales, hospitality, childcare and tourism. 

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