Naoise is gregarious and outgoing and hopes to channel her natural talents into a career in Public Relations.  After graduating with a BA in Journalism and Visual Media, she spent two years on a Post Graduate visa in New York where she was engaged in publicity and events management. 


Naoise is multi skilled in the digital age, and is a keen photographer, and is passionate about music.  She comes from a background of media professionals and politics that has afforded her an insight into the stratagems and machinations of current affairs. 


Naoise has traveled widely, having spent time in America, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Naoise has experience managing campaigns, as she was a part of the Communications Team in Dublin with the Together for Yes campaign.  She decided to take a Masters in Public Relations to build on the experiences she has gained since finishing college.

Naoise Nolan

Dissertation Topic and Overview: 

In progress

TU Dublin
School of Media

Aungier Street

Dublin 2


+353 1 402 7186