Grace did her undergraduate degree in World Religions and Ancient History in Trinity College Dublin. Coming from such a broad ethical and philosophical background, Grace was drawn to Public Relations as she was interested in the power of communication and the diversity of the industry. 


Grace’s dissertation for her undergraduate degree investigated the power of words, exploring how the understanding of the term “stewardship” completely changed the Christian worldview towards the Environment. 


Grace has always had a broad range of interests which is part of the reason she chose Public Relations for her masters. From her time at TU Dublin, Grace has developed keen interests in crisis communication, consumer behaviour and lobbying.

Grace O'Donnell

Dissertation Topic and Overview: 

“To Examine How Public Relations Can Change the Opinion of Public Representatives in Regard to the 2018 Public Health Alcohol Act.”


Grace’s dissertation is a contextual analysis of the 2018 Public Health Act. It examines how alcohol policy has evolved over time in Ireland, explores the Alcohol Act’s contribution to this evolution and investigates how the Alcohol Act has been influenced by various lobbying groups. This dissertation also analyses the various people and organisations involved in the Alcohol Act’s formation as well as the people and businesses who stand to be the most affected by the act.


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