Rochelle attained a Bachelors degree in Media Sciences in her hometown, Karachi. Soon after completing her undergrad, she worked as a content writer for an online retail. However, her interest for Public Relations stemmed from her job as an Assistant Media Relations Manager for Talking Point- PR and Communications firm.


That's when she decided that to further her PR career. It was important to learn the basics, and moved to Ireland to pursue her Masters in PR. Rochelle plans on applying the knowledge and skills learnt from her Masters program to further her PR career in Pakistan. 

Rochelle Fatima D'Souza

Dissertation Topic and Overview: 

'To examine the role of bloggers in the fashion industry of Pakistan.' 

This research aims at exploring the main characteristics of popular fashion bloggers and their potential use in fashion public relations and brand awareness. The researcher used interviews and participant observation as the primary research methods. 

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