Rory graduated from DCU with a BSc in Multimedia. It was during his final year in DCU that he was introduced to public relations as a discipline. He was immediately interested in this discipline and decided that he would pursue a career in the industry after he completed his undergraduate. 


He loves the idea of working in an industry that is challenging, rewarding, and constantly evolving. He has a particular interest in the non-profit and technology sectors; however, he looks forward to working in an agency.

Rory O'Carroll

Dissertation Topic and Overview: 


#TakeBackTheCity: An analysis of the communication tactics of the grassroots housing group

This dissertation will examine the communication tactics employed by the #TakeBackTheCity activists and explore how impactful the campaign has been. It will pose the question of whether employing actual PR practitioners would mean greater success for the group by comparing the campaign to similar previous campaigns which have used PR agencies and succeeded. There will be a focus on the rhetoric of such campaigns and the ethics surrounding it.

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