Cian Dwane 

Dissertation Topic and Overview:  

The 32 County Ireland, is it within reach for Fianna Fail? 

The plan behind this thesis is if the idea of a 32 county Ireland possible within the near future. If so, can Fianna Fail bring this change about. The first question posed is how they can bring about this future. How close it is to being possible. This will be done by comparing the past examples of when the idea appeared possible and why with the today’s world especially Brexit it seems more likely.

Cian Dwane is currently a master’s student in Public Affairs and Political Communication in DIT. Along with the course he also acts as a political intern in Dail Eireann for TD John Lahart. Before this he competed his studies at UCD in differing fields of arts such as history and has experience in the field of political study, along with dealing with people in a business environment. As for professional experience in relation to the political field he participated in a trip to Brussels to interview and question several political officials on different topics during his final year studying in UCD.

He also possesses skills in HR such as bar work and food prep and management of people. He has spent the last 3 years working for Compass Ireland in the Aviva stadium managing bar areas and the people within for events such as matches and concerts.

He is a team player and works well alongside other people pay’s attention to details. Is flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others with great enthusiasm. Outside of work he enjoys sports such as running and swimming but spends most of his time reading up on various topic. Either political or academic.

TU Dublin
School of Media

Aungier Street

Dublin 2


+353 1 402 7186