Willem Nel is a South African native and in his off time he is out hiking and exploring, he works as a freelance photographer and writer. Willem for his undergraduate degrees he studied communication and corporate communication at the North-West University.


He has worked with some reputable names both in South Africa and internationally, such as Virgin Active, Mediclinic and the ATKV. He has a background in journalism, videography, corporate communications and public relations. 


Willem is proficient in crisis communication, reputation management, corporate communication and social media and strives to use this knowledge to further his career in public relations. His public relations field of interest is crisis communication and reputation management.

Willem Nel

Dissertation Topic and Overview:  

An analytical comparison of the public relations schools followed in a South African company (Enterprise Foods) and a European company (KFC) through a crisis communication analysis. 

This dissertation aims to compare the crisis communication activities of two companies, one from South Africa and one from Europe, to highlight how South Africa uses the American school of public relations and how the UK uses the European school of public relations, both using their schools of public relations to influence the relationship they have with their stakeholders.


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